My YouTube Channel: Narcissist Abuse Support – Tracy A. Malone

How YouTube Videos Transformed My Life!

Years ago, urged by my son, I hesitantly picked up my phone to record my first video, sharing my personal journey. Little did I know that this simple act would have such a profound impact. With a mission to help others, I’ve shared my “crazy” stories, believing that if it helped even one person, it was worth it. Fast forward to today, my channel has reached over 3 million people.

My channel features interviews with experts in various fields such as authors, therapists, lawyers, coaches, divorce professionals, and fellow YouTubers. Delving into topics of recovery, I realized the importance of amplifying their voices. Every interviewee brings valuable insights that can benefit countless others. From opening the floodgates to inviting diverse voices, I strive to provide a platform for impactful discussions. The positive feedback I receive tells me that these interviews resonate with you, the viewers, as much as they do with me!

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