MY YouTube Channel: Narcissist Abuse Support – Tracy A. Malone

Watching YouTube Videos Saved My Life!

Years ago, with my son’s encouragement, I picked up my phone to make my first video to share my journey. Anyone who is familiar with my work will frequently hear me say, “If my crazy ass stories help just one person, then all my pain was worth it.” I never imagined that my channel would reach over 2.5 million people (March 2022).

My Channel’s primary focus is interviews that I do with experts in the field: doctors, therapists, lawyers, coaches of all varieties, authors, and other YouTuber coaches. Once I started reading the books on each recovery topic, the floodgates opened. I realized how important it was for their voices to be heard. They could benefit so many! The first call I made opened the door – from then on, I started calling anyone I felt had a message that needed a platform and asked them to be on my show. I love interviewing them for you and, from the messages I get, it seems you like them too! Please subscribe to my channel. Tracy A Malone

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