Traits of Supply

What are the traits of someone a narcissist will target?
Narcissists are conmen and woman and they are very calculating when choosing a victim as their next supply. The list of attributes of victims varies but this should get you started:

Empaths – empaths are self-sacrificing and love to share and give; a narcissist wants to take so it’s a pretty good match.

Codependents – a codependent wants to make everyone happy and they need the love of a partner to feel loved; a narcissist will spot them in a crowd.

People with low self-esteem – this person doesn’t have the courage or self-love to speak up when someone does something abusive which makes them a great target.

Divorced/lonely (or newly out of a relationship) – this victim is vulnerable from the beginning and just wants to feel loved again; that is exactly what a narcissist will pretend to do.

People Pleasers – those who love to help and heal everyone often give to others and never to themselves; a narcissist will look upon this as a gift.

Intelligence – narcissists seek out people who are bright and on top of their game. It’s more fun for them to destroy someone who is successful. A good work ethic is a perfect target because they know this victim will fulfill their needs efficiently.

Dependable – victims who are dependable are a great source for the narcissist because they will always be there ready to do whatever is asked.

Nurturing – if you are this type of person, a narcissist gets very excited because they want to be cared for.

The fixer – if a person thinks they can love a narcissist enough to fix them, they identify this early and know the abuse won’t be stopped. They do not think they have a problem.

Trusting – trust is shredded into pieces and leaves the victim confused.

No Boundary Setting Skills – a narcissist will begin slowly to test boundaries. The easier they can be broken, the better supply you will make.

Kind – Loving – Helpful – Caring – Trusting – Beautiful Souls

Experts estimate that 6% of the population are narcissists (total world population estimate 2016 – 7.4 billion). If each narcissist only affects one person that is 444 million victims. Why is there is not more awareness? We all know the average single narcissist changes partners quite frequently so if that number is even doubled, 888 million people could be trying to find help.

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