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Congratulations, this is the first step to freedom. It probably doesn’t feel like that right now, we understand and we have been where you are and we would like to support this transition with you. Our team of survivors has built a “leaving plan” that helps you make sure you do this right. There are so many things to remember and we know that right now your head might be confused – Is this the right choice? – How will I survive? – How will my children be during this transition? – How do I remember everything I need to know to get out safely?

Our leaving plan teaches you financial strategy ideas – we teach you how to protect yourself – internet safety – learn how to engage trusted friends – a 28 page workbook that will help you plan your sucessful exit.


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Are you the one seeking answers, validation, and peace. You are not alone and we want to help you get to the next stage of this recovery. Our team of experts will be doing two group video calls a month to answer your questions. In these live coaching, Q&A sessions learn to rebuild your life, control your finances, boost your confidence and heal yourself so you or your children don’t follow the same negative patterns.
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Moving on doesn’t have to be so hard. Learn how to make it easier by increasing your awareness, trusting yourself and battling the PTSD demons that are haunting you.

“During my recovery I tried a few online courses that helped me “learn” about narcissists, they were what I needed at that time. After I learned about what a narcissist was and what just happened, and my accountibility I still felt stuck. Things triggered me into sadness and fear and I didn’t have the tools to know what I had to do next. Through mutual friends I was introduced to Adam Heller a world famous expert on stopping physical pain, he said the emotional pain was easy to help. As our friendship grew we talked of what the victims of narcissistic abuse need, what I needed. – TracyAMalone SurTHRIVER

Together we designed a program that Adam teaches that will do just that and I can say from a personal note that it really works. I completely moved out of that stuck position when I took this course we designed. I am committed to giving you the resources, coaching, and training you need to help you get out of your current situation, envision a new life and make it a reality. I partner with experts in PTSD, domestic violence and emotional trauma to bring you a solid plan and the tools you need to get more of what you want – starting now.

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You Can Experience Freedom of the Mind and Heart

Consider the following questions:
Do you ever make negative judgments about yourself or others?
Are you holding onto any regret, remorse, sorrow, guilt or shame about the past?
Do you carry any anger, resentment, blame or indignation toward yourself or anyone else?
Do you lack self-confidence or habitually put the wants, needs and desires of others ahead of your own well-being?
Do you have any areas in your life that aren’t working as you want, no matter how you try to improve them?

If the answer is yes to any of these – even in the smallest degree – then you have something to forgive.

Imagine being free of the old embarrassment, shame, and guilt that used to constantly lurk below the surface, so you can share and laugh with friends, family members and colleagues with extreme clarity and confidence.

Imagine being able to speak your truth, say “no” and mean it, set and hold good boundaries and feel peace and love for yourself, and power moving forward in your life.

Cliff Edwards author of ‘The Foregiveness Handbook’ has created a course for us that will put the icing on the recovery cake.

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We have gathered resources state by state that offer free counseling, some legal aid and even shelter if you need it. Every states services vary, these services are generally free things you are entitled to in the USA. Visit our resources page and after entering your email you will get into that area, search the yellow tabs for free help then find your state.

I put together great book resources, movies to watch to see behaviors that might teach you something. We have free worksheets to help you heal.

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Our resource page also includes current meetups by state. I personally lead two Narcissist recovery groups here in Colorado. There are many groups that offer free support, so check out the RESOURCE page and get help.