mirroringIf it seems to good to be true… it is – Narcissist Red Flag – Mirroring


You’ve been invited to join a perfect picnic. There’s no pesky ants, and you’re underneath the perfect shade tree, so you’ll feel no burning from the sun. There’s a gentle breeze blowing and not a raincloud in sight. You think you’ve found, “The One”. Everything you like they like, you never thought you would find someone else that loves everything you love, everything you want in life they want to. You will feel safe and assured in sharing and you end up letting your guard down. They share so many intimate things with you too, making it a very safe trusting space. You have so much in common and seem to mesh well together. You’re flying high on all the goodness that seems to surround you. There is no reason for you to think this person is anything other than what they’ve shown themselves to be and you are in love.


The sad fact is, that you have fallen in love with yourself, because this person is mirroring you like a parrot. S/he is learning your strengths and weaknesses and all about your insecurities. Mirroring your likes and your dislikes and even agreeing with everything you say is a tactic a narcissist uses to falsely charm you and help them determine what source of supply you will be able to provide them with, sex, money, status, cover, financial. What have your prior relationships been like? What did you tolerate in previous relationships and what can they get away with you? You are feeding them the script they will have to play with you.

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