inappropriate emotionsInappropriate Emotions – This is a red flag that can present itself upon a wide spectrum.

Inappropriate emotions may present as laughing or crying at strange times…or not at all. For example,
there may be an inordinate amount of sadness shown when an acquaintance dies, but when a closer loss is experienced, there is no emotion shown at all.

Another example of inappropriate emotion would be laughing at a funeral, or on other occasions where most people are grieving or sad.

It’s as though the narcissist has an emotional detachment to events and experiences that the rest of us are emotionally invested in.

In addition, the narcissist may have erratic outbursts of anger that are disproportionate to an event.

Narcissists tend to use the pity ploy to win a new supply and the use of tears that they can turn on in a second is a red flag to watch out for.