A narcissist cannot feel empathy – Unable to feel empathy for someone’s loss, pain or illness a narcissists reaction will not be in the realm of ‘understanding’. When faced with having to feel for another they will turn it around to get attention for themselves because they are being ignored.

No remorse or guilt or empathy– Narcissists are not capable of feeling for others, or understanding someone’s losses, pain or suffering. It is most easily seen when a narcissist discards a victim and we see the un-empathic behavior, coldhearted, dispassionate and completely indifferent to the pain they have created. They will not care or even lose a minute sleep while the victim goes into PTSD.

Watch for: they cannot put themselves in anyone else’s shoes, even their own children. When they are sick watch for them to make the biggest deal out of their illness and often if they feel ignored they lash out and attack. If you or a friend loses someone to watch the reaction, is it genuine or just another act. During your first fight or break up watch for them to be insensitive to your feelings.

No Empathy Red Flag